March 21, 2023

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Futuristic SEO: These 11 Methods Will Help Double Your Leads

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SEO is the key aspect on which a website rank. You may have designed a fantastic and interesting website that is well-structured but all of this will be irrelevant until customers arrive at your business.

SEO is the key aspect on which a website rank. You may have designed a fantastic and interesting website that is well-structured but all of this will be irrelevant until customers arrive at your business.

Most of the organic traffic comes from search engine result pages. As a consequence, whether you’re in a niche with little competition or a field with a lot of it, you’ll need to improve your SEO to get a decent ranking on the search engine pages.

SEO is the primary factor of ranking and by applying the right SEO technique, you can maximize the search traffic. 

Great SEO strategies may assist increase conversion rates as well as enhance site ranking in search engines. We have come up with some of the most advanced SEO techniques, which you can apply to your website to boost your rankings. 

  1. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly 

The number of Smartphones has increased exponentially in the last 5 years and today almost 80% of web traffic comes via mobile. Google in its latest update has mentioned that it will give priority to mobile-friendly sites. 

If your site is not mobile responsive, it’s time to change. Make sure that you are using a mobile-friendly theme so that its graphics can be changed as per the screen size. By doing so, you can easily increase your website quality. Once your website is optimized for the website, the traffic will increase. 

  1. SEO Optimized Landing Pages

If your website has many pages, make sure they are SEO-friendly. Such pages can increase the click rate and users will spend more time on your site. 

To improve a site’s rating and generate traffic, it’s a good idea to create a landing page around a certain keyword. For your blogs and articles page, use a long tail keyword along with the primary keyword. But do keep in mind that your content is SEO optimized and not stuffed with keywords. 

  1. Use Deep Links 

A lot of people simply think that Deep linking is not suitable for their website. Recent researches have showcased that content with links ranks higher than content without a link. 

Older blog articles and landing pages with a lot of value on the topics might attract a lot of fresh visitors.

Once you start linking your older blogs and articles, it will improve their rankings and people will also take a look at that content. You should link to them frequently to aid in the development of your website’s framework.

  1. Competitors’ Keywords

If your site is not ranking higher than your competitor, start analyzing their keywords. Check out the keywords for which they are ranking and start utilizing them.

A competitor keyword analysis is a well-known strategy and that’s why you should include it in your SEO plan. 

  1. Edit Old Web Content with Latest Keywords

If you want to stay relevant, you should keep updating your old website content from time to time. You can edit it by including the latest trends, information, graphics, and other relevant topics. 

By doing so, you can make sure that your older content will also get some organic traffic and it will further boost your website rankings. 

  1. Use Infographics 

Infographics have become today’s need. Internet users’ concentration time is only 7 seconds. In that time, they decide to read an article or not.

If you have posted some attractive graphic, a user may spend more time than normal. Graphics can also be used in explaining a complex topic. Infographics are the prime example of visual learning. 

  1. Quality Content 

If your website content doesn’t have quality, you will find it tough to increase your ranking. If your website is new, post some quality and relevant content from time to time so that you can increase the viewership. Use social media, backlinks, and such digital tools so that you can establish a reputation. Once your website gains some authority, search engines will start ranking you higher. 

When you start posting quality content, your website will be ranked for references, and Google will think that it is a credible website. It will start showing your website when a relevant keyword will be searched. 

  1. Use High-Quality Broken Links

This may not appear to be an SEO approach, but you’d be shocked how many websites have some broken links. Quality backlinks may boost a website’s search engine position and, as a result, increase the traffic.

Make sure you’re using this technique with the website which is relevant to your business. Just get in touch with the website and make your intention clear of using their broken external links. 

  1. Improve Website Speed

The Internet has become very fast with time and we have no patience on the internet. If your website doesn’t load within 2 seconds, your traffic will decrease. And if it is taking more than 5 seconds, almost 90% of viewers will close it. 

The majority of internet visitors only scan through web pages. Websites that take excessively long to load interrupt the user experience.

Makes sure your website’s landing page is very fast so that you can decrease the bounce rate.

  1. Think Like a Customer

You must concentrate on what your target consumers desire. When you know what people want, you can create material that appeals to them.

When you listen to what your target client has to say, it helps you develop content that will attract more of them. 

Once you start providing the content which your consumers want, your website traffic will increase. It will also attract new people to your website.

  1. Check Your Website Health 

An audit of your website can assist you in determining why you aren’t receiving enough search traffic. An audit is a methodical study of your item so that you can learn about its situation. 

An SEO audit looks at your whole site’s performance, sets objectives based on what you discover, then applies methods to help you achieve those goals.

While auditing, you might get to the point where you will understand what are some of the negative points in your site which you should remove. 

We hope the shared tips on SEO helps you sharpen your skills better as Institute of Digital Studies (IDS) is committed towards learning and sharing for an overall growth of “Go Digital” Concept.

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