March 21, 2023

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Google I/O 2021: Here Is the List of Latest Google Features

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Google, just like every year, has introduced some new features and updates for its products. Some of these features have already been introduced and some will come in upcoming years. 

Google, just like every year, has introduced some new features and updates for its products. Some of these features have already been introduced and some will come in upcoming years. 

With Android 12 rollout available for the users in the coming months, these features will provide Google Products a completely new look.

These features are launched in a bid to enhance the user experience and make the Android device more secure. 

Here are the most prominent Google 2021 Features:

  1. Favorite Your Message with a Star

If you are a Google user, you might know how a star option works. When you favorite a conversation or an email with a Star, it creates a separate space for itself. This feature has been a part of Gmail for quite some time now and Google has officially launched it for Messages.

We receive hundreds of texts daily and sometimes, lost an important one in the midst of it. You can now Star a conversation and create a distinct space for the conversation thread. By doing so, you can easily find an important conversation without browsing through the Messages.

  1. Strong Password

This Password Tool has been made available for Android users after it was launched for Desktop users some time back. Google will check that your passwords which you have saved with Google, haven’t been compromised. And if your passwords have been leaked or hacked, it will suggest you change those passwords.

It will also ensure that you use strong passwords for your logins. A strong password is less at risk of being hacked. If you have enabled the automatic password save option, Google will check that your other passwords haven’t been hacked previously. 

  1. Photo Animation

In Google Photos, a new tool called ‘Cinematic Moments’ will provide support for image processing, allowing users to create animations from pictures. According to Google, when people look to take the perfect photograph, they generally wind up snapping the same shot two or three times.

Using Artificial Intelligence, Google will fill the gap of two pictures and it will result in an animated film. You have to update your Google Photo application to the latest version to use this feature. 

  1. Enjoy Dark Mode in Google Maps

We all love Dark Mode and it is being made available for all the apps. Google Maps is one of the last Google Products to have the dark mode. Even though it was said to be available last year, the company finally launched it in 2021. 

You can easily turn ‘on’ and ‘off’ this feature by going into the Settings menu in Google Maps. You can find this option under the Theme section. If you cannot find this option yet, make sure that you are using the latest version of Android and Google Maps available for your device.

  1. Schedule Your Text Messages 

This is one of the most requested features for the messaging app. Google has stated that they are looking to roll out the Message Scheduling feature in 2021. The function was first seen by some customers in September of last year, but it is not yet made available. 

As per the experts, we can expect it to come with the Android 12 update which is set to be rolled out in September 2021. The feature will also propose timings, although users can choose their dates and times. You just have to go to the text section, enter your text, and long-press the send button. Here you can use the message schedule feature. 

  1. Universal Remote for Android TV

Soon you can use your smartphone as a remote controller for your smart TV. Google is all set to enable the feature in their smartphones so that users can easily access their smart TV with their phones. 

This feature will eliminate the use of traditional remote in the future. Now, your smartphone can work as a remote on Android TV. If you cannot see this feature on your device, Google might not have made it available for your device as of now. 

  1. Delete Your History Automatically 

Google history not only creates space in your android device but also makes your device slow. People who love privacy, regularly delete their history so that it cannot be tracked. Quick erase is a new feature in Google Search that lets users remove the previous 15 minutes of their browsing history. People can access this functionality by going to their Google Account Menu and pressing on the profile image. You can also use the automatic delete option so that your browsing history will be deleted from time to time. 

  1. Extended Google Assistant
Google has increased the set of commands to make it more user-friendly. Now Android users can perform a lot more tasks than before using Google Assistant. You can set an alarm, make a call, or sent a text to someone without unlocking your phone. 

Google Assistant is not a new feature and it has been with us for some time. However, by extending its usage, Google wants this feature to gain more popularity. 

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