December 9, 2021

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Google Link Update: Impact of Latest Google Updates On SEO

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Google is constantly updating its algorithm to ensure that it is bringing you the most relevant search results. Everything has become user-centric. If you are not providing a good user experience with your website content, your rank will fall. 

On 26 July 2021 Google announced that it will be rolling out Google SPAM Link Update. This update is significantly more effective at recognizing and invalidating spam backlinks. It will help clarify the search engine to locate which links are prohibited under Google’s webmaster rules. The rollout will continue for 2 weeks and can be stretched as per the requirements. 

These upgrades are for SEO purposes, and they indicate that Google is paying more attention to your backlinks. It is a continuous process of tracking backlinks and ranking websites accurately through backlink analysis.

Backlinks are important to generate traffic and validate the website’s information. And more so today than ever before. No matter how much content you have on your site, if nobody links to it, you will never rank on the search results. This is why a lot of digital marketers spend their time making backlinks. But some marketers use spam backlinks on their site or purchase the backlinks. Many websites make money from doing that. Google regards this as a spam method to promote the content.


Link Spam Update: 26 July 2021 

Have you ever wondered why certain websites appear to rank higher than others? and some don’t? Have you ever wished Google would eliminate a suspicious-looking website from the search page? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, Google has heard you. 

Backlinks are essentially huge packages of Web pages and other resources that are brought to your site by search engines.

The newest algorithm change has begun to roll out, and the impact is likely to be widespread, affecting all of Google’s supported languages. The main reason behind this update is that Google discovered that more and more websites are using external links just to monetize their sites. It was proving to be a bad user experience.

Google pretty much killed off spam and fake backlinks for SEO. This is most likely a positive thing because it helps keep the web spam-free and forces websites to post quality information. Instead, it wants websites to backlink to their pages for better rankings. Google’s main priority is providing a good user experience. 

It was getting easier for websites to use backlinks with many paid resources available. Due to this, websites with good content were falling behind the sites which knew how to use the backlinks in their favor, were ranking higher. 

This is why this new update will be game-changing for those who invest time in creating quality content and backlinks. Now, they can rank easily with the power of their content.

This change in the Google algorithm reduces spammy websites to rank and makes it easier for people to find useful information about brands and products they’re interested in without visiting an irrelevant site.

Link Spam Update 2021 And SEO

Backlinks are the most essential factor in SEO, and the quality of backlinks is always more important than the number. You may rest assured that if you invest, in high-quality backlinks, your site will rank higher in future searches.

Google has recently implemented a new method of detecting spammers on web pages. If a site is using spam links to rank higher, they can be detected by Google.

SEO is amongst the most challenging aspects of running a website or blog. It is quite hard and that’s why many publishers use backlinks to rank their site even though they don’t provide quality content to the users.

We all know that backlinks play a huge role in page ranking. It is reported that the number of backlinks to your site used to be the prime factor in deciding whether your site ranks higher or lower than another site. However, Google has changed its algorithm.

Website owners will have to optimize the backlink profile, the number of backlinks, and backlinks quality. With Google’s algorithm update, link building is more important than ever.



Do your backlinks still matter? Yes, they do! 

If your website has lots of backlinks but is not getting ranked for a particular keyword, this is a red flag for you. You might want to look at the quality of your backlinks. A high number of backlinks does not necessarily mean your site will rank higher. But it can be certain that your site may never rank for the relevant keywords in the future.

Many people create websites just to rank them well in search engine results. And they use a large number of backlinks in their content. It is true that initially, such websites used to rank but not anymore with this latest Google update.

Backlinks have always played a significant part in determining search engine rankings in Google. And even though Google has made many changes to its algorithm, backlinks will continue to influence ranking and search engine results. But the emphasis is majorly on the quality of your backlinks. Most of the old techniques of backlinks building will stop in the coming months.

The good news is that it is not very difficult to get good backlinks and there are still plenty of ways of getting them. Just make sure you have learnt it well and you are providing relevant information to the viewers. Digital Marketing Institutes can be a place where you could learn about such techs to enhance your online presence.

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