December 9, 2021

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Don’t Waste Time, Use These Best Bid Management Tools Now !

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Pay per click, also known as PPC is the term used for paid search ads shown on search engines like Google. The more bids you place, the more traffic, and sales you receive from search engines and social media. This can include ads on search engine pages, banner ads on websites, ads on YouTube, and other popular PPC networks. 

PPC ads usually have high costs but can deliver a high return on investment because they attract potential customers looking for specific information and products. It allows you to reach a wider audience and drive more profitable sales while maintaining a lower cost of acquisition. With PPC, you can advertise directly to a large number of your targeted audience. It helps you get a better grip on your ad campaign. 

It is challenging to manage multiple PPC campaigns. Most companies prefer professionals who have completed a digital marketing course from a reputed platform. A marketing expert has the essential knowledge to run a multi-channel campaign on different PPC networks. 


Bid Management Tools

PPC bid management tool is used to optimize the keywords bid. It provides vital information to help you set bids that optimize your overall PPC performance. A bid management tool can help you get the right keyword at the lowest cost. It can also be used in gaining insights into the performance of your keywords in real-time. With this analysis, you can make informed changes to your PPC campaigns.

Here are some of the most popular PPC bid management tools which you can use for your PPC campaign:

  • Acquisio 

Acquisio is a platform that allows you to manage all of your marketing campaigns in one place. You can improve your keyword bids and make sure that you are not overpaying on your bids. The major features of Acquisio are – Keyword research, bulk imports, ad creation, and multi-channel campaigns. This PPC tool is particularly best for people who are new in keyword bids and want to start from the bottom.

  • Kenshoo

Kenshoo is one of the most famous bid management tools which comes with several features. Kenshoo’s automatic budget control ensures that you never spend too much money on advertisements. Kenshoo can help you obtain keywords with a budget. You can simply create your budget and this platform will create a profitable ad campaign for you. It can also help you analyze your ad’s performance so that you make the necessary changes. 

  • Clickable

Clickable can help you optimize your ad campaigns by providing a great return on investment. With the Clickable bid management tool, you can generate good revenue from your ad’s visibility. Its special bid tool can put more emphasis on a high-paying keyword rather than a less profitable one. By doing your budget optimization, Clickable gives you more time to spend your resources on other areas. You can also access real-time bid information that is relevant to you by personalizing your dashboard.

  • SmartyAds

There are only a few websites that deliver on their promises. SmartyAds is amongst them. It is designed to put more emphasis on bidding rather than anything else. This is a creative bid management tool and you can easily use this for your ad campaigns. This tool will cut down on your time which you might have to spend on optimizing your budgets by filtering keywords. Its unique user interface looks attractive and marketers do not have any difficulty in navigating through it.

  • Marin

Marin can publish ad campaigns to your preferred search engines and social media sites using its bid management tools. Marin is not only a great resource for ad management but it also comes with several additional benefits. You can use its keyword assessment feature, budget optimization feature, or analysis tools for improving your ad campaigns. 

  • ClickEquations

This platform bills itself as the ‘first intelligent paid search solution’ due to its automatic bid management system. If you use this tool, you can receive real-time updates about your PPC campaign. This tool will also notify you when a particular ad is not working as expected. Most relevant keywords are segregated, giving advertisers the ability to enhance campaigns. With its analytics tool, you can learn about your ad campaign shortfalls and work on them to get a good return on investment. 

  • DoubleClick 

DoubleClick was acquired by Google some years back. As a result, you can be certain that you will get the best outcome for your PPC ad campaigns. It is supported by Google’s analytics algorithm where you can learn about the highest paying keywords. If you use this bid management tool, you can achieve success without any hassles. It also got support from Google products so that you can easily download the analytics data on your systems. These data can be further analyzed as per your PPC goals.  

  • OpenX

OpenX has become the first choice of digital marketing experts in recent times. Thousands of individuals have used it, and it has proven popular among businesses with limited resources. This bid management tool will let you know when your chosen keyword won’t work for you. Instead, you will be given suggestions based on your keyword where you can get good results. Marketers may evaluate all campaign results and determine what needs to be changed.



Stay Optimized with Bid Management Tools

An ad is a medium where a marketer showcases to a user that we have the right product for you. With PPC, they promote their ad to the right audience. A marketer will have to pay a certain amount whenever a PPC ad is clicked by the user. Companies use a bid management tool to minimize their PPC bidding cost for the right keywords. 

If the ad campaign is not optimized, companies may have to pay a good amount irrespective of how their ad will perform. Here are some tips by Digital Marketing Institutes which a digital marketer should keep in mind while using a bid management tool:

Creative Ad Copy

The first thing you have to make sure of is that you have an attractive ad copy. If it is not attractive and clickable, you might not gain visitors. To do that, you have to hire a copywriting expert. The content should not be copied. You should also optimize your landing page and include all the selling points in the content.  

Time Management 

It is important to know how to manage the bids properly. Flaws in bidding can ruin your bids and put you in a bad position. Every bid has a certain closing time. You must ensure that you obtain the term that is most beneficial to your company. It’s pointless to use a bid management tool if you’re not targeting the appropriate keyword on time. So, make sure to bid on time. 


With bid management, you can set your limits on how much you’re willing to pay for different keywords. If you have placed your ad on a large number of keywords, it is important to analyze the ROI from time to time. Eliminate any non-paying keyword from your campaign and invest that amount in a profitable keyword. 

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