June 8, 2023

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Look Out for These Digital Changes Starting from September 1

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The shifts in the global economy have created circumstances that are at once positive and negative for people. There will be several developments in the digital world that will influence your pocket. These changes will be crucial as they are related to our online security and services which we use on mobile. 

The digital world is always changing and we have to stay up to date with the latest changes. If you want to get ahead of your competitor, you can join a digital marketing course. This course can help you achieve great heights in your career. 

Here are some of the most important tech updates and changes starting from September 1:

No More Fake Apps

Google is fighting hard to ensure the privacy of its users. but there are several apps on Android which are created with the motive of stealing user data. Google has issued a statement that it will be deleting such applications from its platform. Any idle app will also be deleted.

Ban On Fraudster Loan Apps

You might have heard about applications that promise loans within 5 minutes. A large number of such apps are fake and they constantly harass users. They have created a big market and many users have fallen into their trap. Users have listed more than 100 applications including apps from Real me & Xiaomi. Google will start banning such apps from 15 September. If you have ever been harassed by such apps, you can contact Google and report that app. 


If you haven’t linked your PAN with your Aadhaar card, do it immediately as you will not be able to access your PF account. EPFO union has made it mandatory for everyone to link their cards. If they fail to do it, EPFO will not credit the PF amount. This can be a big financial risk for people who haven’t yet linked their cards. 

Disney+ Hotstar Price Hiked 

If you are in love with Disney and Hotstar platform, you have to pay more money for it. If you were a single user, you have to pay 499 instead of 399. If there were 2 users, you have to pay 100 more. Hotstar has applied this hike as so many accounts were being shared by more than one user. Its 1499 plan can be shared on 4 devices now. 

Google Security

Google is working hard to improve its security features. Google Drive Security was on top of the list of so many updates. There have been millions of breach attempts on Google servers. The Tech giant wants to ensure its user feel secure by saving data in Google Drive. It will be rolling out the update from 13 September. It will available for all Google Drive users.

Cheque Payment System Update

Given account hacking and security issues, Banks have come up with a Positive Pay System. You have to inform your bank while issuing a cheque of more than 50,000 Rs. If you fail to inform the bank, your cheque may not get cleared. Many banks will start this month. You can inform the bank via Internet banking, Mobile application, or by visiting the bank.

Amazon Increasing Delivery Fee

Although it is not announced yet, Amazon will be increasing the delivery charges. This change will be applicable for products that are heavier than 500 grams. This change is proposed due to the increase in Petrol and Diesel prices. While ordering a heavy product you have to pay more than 60 Rs in addition to original charges. 

Prebooking To Open for Jio 4G Phone

So many people are waiting for the launch of this phone. Reportedly, the prebooking for this phone will begin from the first week of September. This is the lowest prices 4G phone in the world. The phone’s price is said to be 5000 RS and you can book it by paying 500 Rs only. Keep checking the website as the pre-booking will be limited to a certain number. 

Lower Interest on PNB Savings Account

Punjab National Bank is reducing the interest rate on all savings account. Account-holders will now get 2.90% interest instead of 3% which they were getting earlier. The bank has stated the changes. This change will apply to all the PNB account holders. 

Mandatory Insurance of New Cars

It will be mandatory to have bumper-to-bumper car insurance for new car owners. Usually, insurance does not cover many parts of the car and it has resulted in many fights between car owners and insurance providers. This insurance is not related to other car insurance. This change will increase the basic price of the car and people will have to pay more money to get it. 

Cars To Be Expensive

Inflation has caused so many companies to hike prices. The same is with car manufacturers. Tata has already increased the price of their cars and now Maruti Suzuki has also announced that they will be increasing the price of their cars. They issued a statement and confirmed that their logistics expense has increased and now they have no other option than to increase the price of their cars. Reportedly, people will have to pay 50,000 to 1 lakh more for a new car now. 

Share Market Margin to Increase 

Investors will have to pay a 100% margin upfront before trading. This change is applicable for both cash and FNA. If someone fails to come up with the margin amount, they have to pay a penalty on the margin. 

GST Filing Update

Organizations that have not filed a GSTR-3B statement in the previous 2 months might be unable to submit the specifics of outward shipments in GSTR-1. Rule 59(6) of the Central GST Rules, according to GSTN, will take effect on September 1, 2021. This rule imposes limitations on GSTR-1 filing. Businesses that file quarterly returns will be banned from filing GSTR-1 if they did not file Form GSTR-3B during the preceding tax period.

GSTR-3B is filed sequentially between the 20th and 24th day of the next month when business entities file GSTR-1 for a month by the 11th day of the following month. GSTR-3B is the form used by businesses to pay their taxes.

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