October 18, 2021

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Google’s New Crypto Policy Changes the Game for SEO & PPC

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Google was the safe haven for crypto marketers. But things are changing rapidly now. Google’s latest crypto policy has taken effect and crypto advertisers will find it hard to optimize their content.

Google has decided to display crypto content that is recognized by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). The advertiser has to take a money service business license to promote their products. They have to be verified as per the latest procedure and they should follow all the required guidelines.

The latest security updates come into effect as there have been many frauds offering bitcoin giveaways that have happened in the past. Most notably a hoax posing as Steve Wozniak, which resulted in a lawsuit against Google and YouTube in 2020. Such delicate topics are necessary to understand what is happening in the market. However, these topics are covered by only the most advanced digital marketing courses

No More Crypto PPC Ads?

Many crypto advertisers used the PPC as the main source of promotion. You could find all sorts of information related to cryptocurrency. Some people just wanted to defraud people and they succeeded in doing so with the help of PPC ads.

Earlier there were no security checks to run ads and anyone could run an ad on Google. Google faced many lawsuits as people thought that it is Google’s responsibility to make sure they are promoting a verified advertiser. Even after making changes, marketers find ways to promote their ads.

This latest update will make sure that only those marketers could show their ads who are recognized by fin CEN or by state or federal banks. If you are a crypto promoter, you will have to confirm that you have a license as a money transmitter. 

Organizations must adhere to all applicable legal obligations, along with any local regulatory obligations, whether they are federal or provincial. They must verify that their advertisements and landing sites adhere to all Google Ads standards.

Google AdSense Wallet Verification

As a crypto marketer, you have to follow the guidelines set by Google. You have to complete the Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Wallets verification process to make sure that your ads can be posted on Google. These regulations were updated in July this year. 

If you have an old advertising license, you have to renew it as it will expire in August first week. Make sure you have the latest Crypto Exchange certification.

Google wants to make sure that you have clear intentions and you won’t be defrauding people. They have created multi-level security to make sure their platform cannot be misused. However, they still want you to make financial decisions only after checking a site thoroughly. 

Crypto verification is a legal process and it will require a lot of paperwork along with personal identification. 

Upgraded Security

Google has made sure that its platform stays safe from spam websites. However, some still rank higher than original websites. These websites use negative SEO to rank. People don’t doubt a site when it ranks higher and trusts them without much verification. 

Although certain crypto advertisements are permitted, many are not. Advertisers are still prohibited from promoting ad locations that collect or compare cryptocurrency or similar product issuers. 

Marketers may not promote the acquisition, sale, or exchange of cryptocurrencies or associated goods by advertising initial coin offerings, Defi trading methods, or in any other way.

Crypto SEO

Crypto SEO is a technique for increasing the exposure of crypto websites to both visitors and search engines. Website optimization is important for crypto sites to rank higher. To do that, they have to make sure that they are verified with the necessary department.

If Google finds that a website has indulged in any fraudulent activity, it can ban or penalize the site. With so much competition in the crypto world, distinguishing out from the crowd is becoming increasingly difficult and takes a lot of SEO effort. Many sites delve into illegal activities while still optimizing their site. In contrast to traditional centralized financial institutions, these digital currencies are decentralized and we cannot track them. Anonymity, closeness, and reliability are all advantages of cryptocurrency. These digital entities are decentralized, which means they govern themselves and are not governed by a single authority.

How To Optimize a Crypto Site Legally? 

Creating an SEO strategy is not very difficult. You can learn it in any advanced digital marketing course. Once you make sure that your site is following Google’s set guidelines, you can easily optimize it by doing the following:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Understanding Crypto deeply
  • Knowing Crypto categories
  • Crypto keyword optimization
  • Creating quality backlinks
  • Utilizing SERP features
  • Using social media
  • Customer engagement

Google wants you to follow a clear path and they will help you rank. And if you are not following set guidelines, your site will never rank. 

The latest update in Google ensures user safety. These updates will make sure only recognized crypto advertisers can use PPC and SEO. 

SEO for crypto sites is a bit different although the overall features remain the same. Many of these websites are short-lived, heavily visited, and overcrowded. There are a few critical responsibilities that such websites must do. You have to be accurate with the information on your website to stay long in the run. 

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